Mike Ballard

President, Piedmont Geotechnical Consultants

Mike founded Piedmont Geotechnical Consultants in 1992. Since that time he has been Piedmont’s principal/lead engineer on more than a 1,000 subsurface investigations on a variety of commercial, governmental and private projects. During the last 30 years Mike has been heavily involved in all aspects of dam safety in Georgia and he chaired the original Georgia Safe Dams Program committee which developed the protocol for inspections and testing during High Hazard dam construction and repairs.

Mike has 36 years of experience in conducting subsurface investigations and managing construction materials testing and special inspections on a variety of commercial and municipal projects. His fields of expertise include evaluation of shallow foundations for high structural loads, Menard Pressuremeter testing and settlement evaluation, design of mechanically stabilized earth walls and steepened slopes using geosynthetics, slope stability analysis, drilled piers, driven and drilled (friction) piles, dam design and construction. He served as a past member of the ASCE National Committee for Design of Shallow Foundations.

Mike originally attended Auburn University on an ROTC scholarship. After completing his military service he returned to Auburn where he received a Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering in 1983.