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Piedmont Geotechnical Consultants

3000 Northfield Place Suite 1100
Roswell, GA 30076

Alpharetta, Georgia

Piedmont Geotechnical has been directly involved with this project since its inception in 2005 providing subsurface investigations, Phase I and 2 ESA’s, recommendations for unpermitted landfill remediation and methane assessment/mitigation, as well as foundation design recommendations and Construction Materials Testing Services.  Development of this facility also included sports fields, support buildings, concession areas and parking/drive areas. 

The current $2 million, 3-story, high school classroom wing project is being constructed on a variably inconsistent subgrade that historically had unpermitted landfill(s) and organically-rich topsoil and debris placed in topographically low areas as well as numerous uncontrolled fill areas.  The classroom wing structure is steel framed with stone and brick veneers supported on conventional shallow foundations.

Piedmont Geotechnical Consultants provided the subsurface evaluation, foundation design recommendations as well as construction materials testing services and special inspection services.


  • Site Development and initial main building construction
  • Unpermitted landfill remediation
  • Methane mitigation
  • New high school classroom wing
  • Adjacent parking and drive areas
  • Unsuitable subgrade remediation with on-going methane detection monitoring

CLIENT / OWNER: King’s Ridge Christian School

DURATION: 2005 – 2019